Profile Updated: April 14, 2009
Residing In: Phoenix, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Nicole Saltzman
Work/Business/Employer? University of Phoenix
Children: No kids
Military Service: never served
Yes! Attending Reunion

I am very honored that my Brickie friends remembered me and extended an invitation to me for the 20 year reunion. I actually have 2 reunions to go to this year: Hobart '89 and Mesa High '89. I graduated from Mesa High in Mesa, AZ but Hobart never left my heart. In fact, I had a choice as to which high school I would attend. The choice came down to Mt View or Mesa High. I selected Mesa High exclusively because of their colors: Purple and Gold.

School Story:

I can vividly remember my days at Hobart Junior High. When I left for Arizona my friends gave me a going-away party in the cafeteria. What a nice send off. I was homesick for Hobart and all my friends until I was at least a freshman in high school.

Still Keep in Touch with these Brickies:

I have recently reconnected with Lino, Gloria, Rich, and I have been friends with some younger Bricks for about 10 years out here in AZ: Art Miller, Marc Rogers, Brian Kincaid (Julies younger brother), Steve Buford and my parents ('66 and '67).

Favorite 80's Songs/Movies/TV Shows:

Cheers (reminds me of my dads bar 'Riches Lounge' which is now 'Main Street Station'. Hill Street Blues, and that's about all I can remember.

Willing to help plan the reunion?


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